Clarifai Hires Chris Kent as SVP Marketing

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Kent to propel growth as enterprises look to build AI faster with Clarifai

WASHINGTON, Feb. 27, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Clarifai, a global leader in AI development and a pioneer of the full-stack AI platform, announced today that Chris Kent will join as SVP of Marketing as Clarifai expands into more enterprises, enabling them to build and operationalize AI faster.


Kent brings decades of marketing and category creation experience to Clarifai, which has spent 10 years perfecting its capabilities to enable teams to build AI in minutes, not months, and unlock value instantly. Kent was formerly VP of Product, Solutions, Partner and Customer Marketing for Cohesity and VP of Product Marketing for HashiCorp, where he helped grow the company to over $300 million ARR and a successful IPO.

"Given the rapid rise of Generative AI, people might think AI just appeared a year or so ago, but Clarifai has been helping companies build and find value with AI for more than a decade. As companies shift from AI exploration and experimentation to a focus on ROI and value, they're faced with similar challenges companies went through with the migration to cloud" said Matt Zeiler, Ph.D., Founder and CEO of Clarifai. "Chris has a long history of not only creating a company's story and of helping to build new categories, but also of engaging with developers in an authentic way that helps them find the solutions they need to make their companies winners. We're excited to welcome him to the Clarifai executive team."

Some of the world's best teams already build with Clarifai, including those at Humana, Lowe's, and NVIDIA. Additionally, the U.S. government is one of many Clarifai customers, proving that the product has been battle tested under extreme conditions with required precision.

"Clarifai is perfectly timed to establish itself as a leader in this category given the need of companies to quickly operationalize AI and stay ahead of competitors," said Kent. "Companies are struggling with skills gaps and hiring around AI, and Clarifai aims to empower companies to operationalize AI at scale, while reducing costs and risk, and reducing complexity around building and running AI, so anyone can do it. I'm thrilled to be part of Clarifai to build the next era of enterprise AI around the world."

Clarifai has a long history helping organizations:

  • Build and operationalize AI faster.
  • Focus on core competencies and not running complex platforms.
  • Increase efficiency of AI initiatives, reduce AI sprawl and cost, and reduce risks around data that fuels the AI.

Clarifai was also recognized in the 2023 Gartner Critical Capabilities for Cloud AI Developer Services Report. Gartner predicts that by 2026, 75% of newly developed enterprise applications will incorporate AI-or ML-based models, up from less than 5% in 2023.

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Clarifai simplifies how developers and teams create, share, and run AI at scale by providing companies with a cutting-edge platform to build enterprise AI faster, leveraging today's modern AI technologies like Large Language Models (LLMs) and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), data labeling, inference, and more. Founded in 2013, Clarifai is available in cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environments and has been used to build more than one million AI models with more than 380,000 users in 170 countries. Learn more at

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