Optimus Fintech introduces Ledgers - a general ledger reconciliation module, to drive efficiency and transparency in financial close cycles for clients

Press Release from Optimus Fintech Inc.

San Francisco, 31 October 2023 — Optimus Fintech Inc., a leading Saas platform for automating finance and payment back-office operations, announced Ledgers - a powerful general ledger reconciliation module designed to empower finance and accounting teams with unmatched precision in financial record-keeping, in-depth insights into financial data, and accelerated financial close cycles. This announcement comes hot on the heels of the appointment of Daniel Kornitzer to Optimus Fintech’s Growth Advisory Board last month.

“We've always been pushing the boundaries of innovation in the realm of finance & payment back-office technology and we are proud to introduce Ledgers to the market. Preliminary probes across our clients prove this is a very relevant area of automation that is uniquely positioned to benefit their accounting teams." stated Swapnil Mengawade, CEO of Optimus Fintech Inc. "This represents a significant milestone in our commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to our clients. Optimus with Ledgers Integration is designed to optimize financial close, deliver unparalleled accuracy, and fuel organizational growth."

Ledgers is powered by machine learning-based advanced matching algorithms at its core. It represents a paradigm shift in financial data management and reconciliation by offering organizations an automated single source of truth for tracking financial transactions across diverse teams. This advancement significantly diminishes the risk of errors while elevating overall productivity.

“Ledgers is built on intelligent automation and customization, empowering clients to not only streamline their financial close processes but to accelerate their entire ledger reconciliation journey. It's exciting to see how Ledgers is uniquely positioned to drive speed and accuracy efficiently in financial operations, setting a new standard for excellence in the industry.” ~ Daniel Kornitzer, Fintech Advisor and Former CPO & CBDO - Paysafe

Key highlights of Optimus with Ledgers Integration include:

Financial Accuracy : Ledgers' cutting-edge technology ensures the highest levels of accuracy in financial record-keeping, eliminating costly discrepancies.

Financial Insights : The integration delivers advanced financial insights, equipping finance professionals with the tools they need to make informed decisions and drive financial excellence.

Swift Financial Close Cycles : Optimus, coupled with Ledgers, streamlines financial close cycles, enabling organizations to produce faster and more efficient financial reports.

Mitigated Risk of Errors : By automating reconciliation processes and centralizing financial data, Optimus significantly reduces the risk of financial inconsistencies.

Overall Productivity : Optimus empowers finance, payment, and accounting teams to redirect their focus to strategic initiatives, thereby enhancing overall productivity and organizational success.

To learn more about Ledgers and its capabilities, please visit Ledgers(optimus.tech)

About Optimus Fintech Inc.

Optimus Fintech Inc. is a leading Saas organization, founded with a vision to empower organizations with real-time financial clarity and control to manage their businesses with confidence. Optimus, the company's flagship product, is a plug-and-play cloud platform that streamlines payment data management and automates financial workflows. The purpose-built FinOps platform offers comprehensive solutions covering data aggregation, reconciliation, exception management, fees and commission validation, in-depth payment analytics, and reporting. With Optimus Fintech, businesses can effortlessly track, manage, and account for money end-to-end.

A PCI compliant data platform, Optimus is trusted by renowned Fortune 500 companies, processing over 1 billion annual transactions securely. The platform democratizes data, enabling seamless collaboration and data access across teams. Optimus Fintech empowers organizations to scale operations without the need to scale teams, unlocking efficiency and growth potential.

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