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About Pigment

Pigment is an enterprise-grade financial planning platform. Pigment provides you with a 360° view of the business, updates your financial models in real-time, and allows your to run what-if scenarios at the click of a button. With Pigment, FP&A teams improve cross-functional collaboration, increase internal efficiency, and align financial and operational plans, all while scaling reporting and data management.

Pigment makes Finance teams from companies like Carta, Figma and Webhelp, more agile and empowered to make better decisions, faster.

Competitors of Pigment

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Products by Pigment

By Pigment

Host all your plans, budgets, forecasts and reporting in one integrated and intuitive platform. Pigment connects with all your data sources to handle a large volume of data and become the source of truth for your teams to collaborate in real time. Spend less time time aggregating data and more... Read more »