White Papers for Corporate Treasury and Finance Services

  • Top 5 Leadership Gifts

    Unlock your professional journey: - Leadership books bundle - Executive Coaching -360 Degree Feedback Leadership Assessment -Online Leadership Curces -Leadership Journal/Planner Launch360 wants to offer a gift guide with a free coupon!
  • How to Use Candidate Journey Mapping in Recruitment

    Learn about candidate journey mapping, how you can implement it, and how to use it to elevate your hiring process!
  • LTC Ally Case Study

    Learn how LTC Ally automated AP to add 30 nursing facilities per month.
  • The Art of Reconciliation in the Digital Era

    Today’s consumers expect a convenient, safe, and instantaneous customer experience. To keep up with the speed of digital transformation, merchants are expected to implement omnichannel strategies and offer a range of payment modes on multiple networks, from credit cards, to P2P, to mobile. As...
  • Short-Term Investments Compared

    The turmoil in the banking industry in 2023 served as a reminder of the risks associated with counterparty concentration. While diversification of cash investments is a liquidity best practice, comparing various short-term investments requires investors to weigh the tradeoffs between safety,...
  • Insurance Company Case Study

    When this mid-sized insurance company started accepting credit cards, only one-time payments were available to customers. As customer demand for credit cards grew, they added a recurring bill pay option to accounts. This resulted in a signi�cant spike in credit card transactions and fees, which...
  • Take Control of Your Payments and Curb Fraud

    In recent years, payments fraud has been on the rise as fraudsters take advantage of increased digitization of work, shopping and general operations and communications. The mental impact of economic uncertainty on consumers and businesses alike also heightens vulnerability of potential victims.
  • How to scale your supplier finance program

    At Taulia, we’ve worked with companies and organizations with all these objectives and more, and along the way, we’ve learned a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. When you work with Taulia, we’ll make a team of experts available. Our customer success team has years of experience...