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By Taulia

Accounts Receivable Financing Free up cash trapped in unpaid invoices to best benefit you. What is Accounts Receivable Financing? Accounts receivable financing is where a third-party provider buys the receivable from you in return for cash. Simply put, you sell the invoice due weeks from now for payment today. Read more »

By Datalog Finance

Advanced treasury forecasting Generate accurate cash forecasts Use sophisticated AI technology to generate relevant insights from historical data, projected data from sales and delivery systems, market data (i.e. stock prices. currency fluctuations), political and economic shifts, and situational or staffing changes within... Read more »

By Anaplan Inc

Anaplan for Finance Accurate and intelligent planning as a competitive advantage. Traditional planning, just like siloed systems and point solutions, is outpaced by change. Anaplan for Finance connects your people, data, and plans across your organization to empower the right decisions quickly. Read more »

By Rho

AP built-in with Rho Get easy, no-fee AP built-in with Rho. Automate bill pay from creation to approvals and auto-sync with your accounting software for faster reconciliation. Read more »

By Chargeback Gurus

Ari - Chargeback Predictive Engine Say Adios to your chargeback losses. Predict & stop chargebacks using Ari, the industry’s first predictive engine designed to stop chargeback revenue loss. Read more »

By Datalog Finance

Automated bank communication Save time and minimize errors with secure, automated bank communication. Error-proofing and securing all communications with banks to safeguard against fraud has become a key concern for major multinationals. Even when all bank communication is centralized at the head office, sending and... Read more »