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About Finexio

Finexio simplifies accounts payable payments for medium and large corporates by digitizing manual paper checks.

Finexio's comprehensive Accounts Payable "Payments as a Service"​ solution leverages proprietary analytics and robotic process automation to drive maximum conversion rates of suppliers to electronic payments.

Finexio's intelligent business to business payment network identifies, delivers, and supports ten forms of payment, generating revenue and cost savings for Accounts Payable departments while offering complete transparency and control of the payment process.

Products by Finexio

By Finexio

Finexio - Payment Data Management & Security

Payment and account information is securely collected, validated, encrypted, and stored. Why Payment Data Management & Security? Avoid manual data entry, validating supplier account information, monitoring against fraudulent payments, and having to be a payments data storage and security... Read more »

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By Finexio

Finexio - High-Touch Supplier Enablement

Predictive, Data-backed Supplier Enablement Team - Finexio’s Supplier Enablement team leverages data and technology to optimize payment conversion - Access to card issuer data sets allows for better virtual card acceptance - Industry-specific payment data translates to strategic payment... Read more »

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By Finexio

Finexio - Fully Managed Payment Delivery & Operations

Finexio’s intelligent electronic payment network identifies, delivers, and supports 100% of supplier payments, eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks for finance teams with high-touch, ongoing service, and support. Payments are delivered to suppliers quickly. No more check runs or mail... Read more »

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