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About Paysign, Inc.

Paysign is a nationally recognized card payment solutions provider and integrated payment processor. With more than 20 years of experience, we’re well known as a tried-and-tested provider of tailored card programs to the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and source plasma industries.

Since expanding our product suite to address the needs of all industries and sizes of businesses, including SMBs, Paysign has seen increased adoption of our prepaid card programs and digital banking solutions, as well as growth into numerous new industries. We continually listen to the complex challenge our clients present and develop new, innovative solutions to help solve them.

Products by Paysign, Inc.

By Paysign, Inc.

Paysign® Premier

Paysign Premier is an innovative digital bank account that was designed with modern businesses in mind. Premier enables the delivery of payments through a convenient and flexible digital account that also provides numerous money management tools payees will love. Account Features: No credit... Read more »

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By Paysign, Inc.

Paysign® Incentive Solutions

To meet increasingly complex business challenges, incentive marketers need innovative ways of differentiating their products and organization. We’ll help you craft a rewards solution that: Drives desired actions and outcomes Is efficient and easy to implement and manage Ensures positive reward... Read more »

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By Paysign, Inc.

Paysign® Disbursement Solutions

Decrease the administrative burdens and costs associated with disbursing funds through paper checks. Paysign Disbursement Solutions: - Accelerate disbursement - Save time - Limit expenses - Paysign Payout Card These efficient cards are ideal for paying vendors, fulfilling consumer incentives,... Read more »

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