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About Statement

Statement is a team of passionate financial and technical experts.

Driving a resilient and thriving business future by unlocking financial connectivity.

At Statement, our mission is to streamline financial management for companies by optimizing their financial processes. We strive to free up your valuable time and resources, allowing you to focus on growing and succeeding.

We believe that fostering a strong culture of teamwork is crucial for our success. We firmly believe that when individuals come together, pooling their unique skills and perspectives, they can drive innovation, boost productivity, and create an inclusive and positive work environment that propels us towards our goals.

Products by Statement

By Statement

The Cash Intelligence Statement Platform

Fast, multi-bank and ERP connectivity, real-time cash positions & working capital analytics, automated A/R reconciliation and AI powered cashflow forecasting. The Statement platform gives strategic leverage to every treasurer. Statement's platform is a powerful integration hub, designed to work... Read more »

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