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About Itemize

Itemize AI is transforming financial transaction processing for Accounts Payable, Receivables, Supply Chain, and Loan Processing through its advanced, intelligent platform. Itemize harnesses line-item intelligence to unlock value and enable customer innovation in finance. Itemize Financial Automation Copilots are available for Financial Services, Technology & BPOs, Construction & Real Estate, Retail, Logistics & Distribution, and Manufacturing.

Why Itemize:

1. 100% AI Automation – No humans in the processing loop.
2. 99%+ Accuracy – SLAs for verified and reliable processing.
3. 15 Seconds Processing – Rapid end-to-end automation.
4. No Client Data Training – No ongoing resource allocation.

Founded in 2012, Itemize has been helping companies address digital transformation challenges for over a decade. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, large payment providers, global accounting firms, and more.

Products by Itemize

By Itemize

Accounts Payable Automation Portal

Itemize is a no-code automation solution that turns piles of paper into actionable information. With Itemize’s AP Copilot – ControllerGPT – you can capture line-level details from AP documents, manage and pay invoices on time, reduce the risk of fraud and payment errors, and improve compliance.... Read more »

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Wholesale Lockbox Automation

Itemize offers the fastest image-enabled wholesale lockbox capabilities. Streamline data capture from Invoices, envelopes, correspondence, POs, checks, and other supporting documents with reliable, secure, and scalable lockbox automation. Built for financial institutions, AR systems, and... Read more »

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Invoice Data Capture API

Itemize Invoice Data Capture converts payables documents into rich data sets for financial applications. The solution reads line-level details from invoice and PO images, pdfs, emails, and text files in any layout. Using Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other... Read more »

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