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About Abandoned Property Advisors

In the intricate world of abandoned property compliance, Abandoned Property Advisors (APA) stands out as a beacon of reliability and expertise. With shifting regulations across Federal, State, and Provincial bodies, corporations face substantial risk and liability. It's in this intricate landscape that APA lends its expertise, providing corporate services tailored to each client's unique needs.

What sets APA apart?

Experience & Expertise: With decades of cumulative experience, APA boasts a team of legal, industry, and tech experts. Their mission? To help corporations perform due diligence, locate property owners, and guarantee accurate filings.

Comprehensive Services: Whether it's annual compliance, pre-escheat location, in-depth searches, advisory services, or asset recovery, APA offers a holistic suite of services. They specialize in revising abandoned property reporting policies, aiding companies during mergers, and assisting in the recovery of assets lost through administrative oversights.

Customization & Results: Recognizing the value of trust in customer and investor relations, APA tailors its services to fit the specific needs of a variety of industries including banks, insurance firms, and brokerage houses. Notably, APA's method has an impressive track record, reuniting up to 85% of owners with their assets.

APA is not just another vendor; they're a partner, ensuring minimal exposure and optimal results. As the go-to choice for North America's top corporations, APA is synonymous with trust, efficiency, and excellence in the domain of abandoned property management.

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