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About Financial Software Innovations

**Financial Software Innovations, Inc. (FSI, Inc.) Overview**

Financial Software Innovations, Inc., commonly known as FSI, Inc., offers **FSITrack**, a top-tier unclaimed property reporting software package that serves as an all-in-one solution for entities of all sizes. In an environment where states are intensifying unclaimed property audits, FSITrack stands out by regularly updating its features to align with shifting state reporting mandates. This ensures that businesses remain compliant, escheating their unclaimed property as per the law. Remarkably, industry professionals estimate nearly $5 billion in assets are abandoned by Americans annually, and yet, only a fraction of organizations truly escheat these assets each year.

**Clients and Collaborations**

FSI, Inc. has had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, helping them navigate the intricacies of unclaimed property compliance. Their extensive client portfolio includes organizations from different sectors and sizes, all unified in their need for a robust and effective compliance system.

**Why Choose FSITrack?**

FSITrack provides:
- A centralized dashboard to monitor filing and reporting statuses.
- Capabilities to generate due diligence letters, custom reports, and filing alerts.
- Comprehensive coverage for the fifty US states, Puerto Rico, Guam, US Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and Canadian provinces with unclaimed property laws.
- Advanced data management tools, allowing for property record imports, extensive searches, and user-defined fields.
- **Security** measures, ensuring multi-level security for users, with all data stored in-house by the client.
- **Additional Features** such as state payroll deductions calculation, barcode features for owner letters, and state-required encryption for reports.

**Making Compliance Simple**

With its unmatched commitment to support and continuous evolution in product development, FSI, Inc. ensures that your business reaps significant time and cost savings. Using FSITrack will guarantee your peace of mind, with the confidence that your company is operating within unclaimed property regulations. Escheat happens, but with FSITrack, you're always covered.

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