About Kelmar

Founded in October 2001, Kelmar is at the forefront of the unclaimed property industry. Committed to returning unclaimed property to rightful owners, they partner with state governments, offering unparalleled services in administration and enforcement of unclaimed property programs. With a deep understanding of state tools, workflows, and unclaimed property laws, Kelmar has firmly planted its flag as a beacon of excellence.

Kelmar boasts a rich clientele comprising government agencies, administrators, and officials. Their unclaimed property professionals have left no stone unturned in assisting government programs across the board, ensuring all-around compliance and seamless operational management.

Key Offerings:

Management Systems:
KAPS® Unclaimed Property Management System
State Website Solution & Manual Online Reporting
Integrated Document Management
Identification Authentication
Kelmar Fraud Index
Process Management & Support:
Claims Processing
Call Center Management
Holder Report Processing
Securities Reconciliation
1099 Reporting
Custody Services
Compliance Services:
Unclaimed Property Examination Services
State Targeted Assisted Compliance System
Compliance Training Programs
Fact-based Consultation Services

A harmonious blend of advanced technology and industry best practices, Kelmar offers custom resources tailored to the unique needs of each unclaimed property program, ensuring maximized returns and enhanced efficiency. Whether you're looking for individual tools or a complete management solution, Kelmar stands ready to elevate your unclaimed property program to the next level.

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