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Press Release from Optimized Payments

Atlanta, GA, February 1, 2022 -- Optimized Payments, a global SaaS Analytics Platform leader, is committed to driving a smarter way of doing business via sustainable commerce, reducing their impact on the environment, and transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

They do this by implementing environmentally responsible business practices, continually partnering with companies that share their sustainability goals, and invoking new business with a value proposition on how Optimized Payments can help with their sustainability programs.

“As we work through the details of what and when, achieving carbon neutrality across our operations in the near future is a great first step—starting with a transition plan that includes renewable electricity across our offices and technology centers,” said Oliver Gumbrill, Chief Revenue Officer and Head of Sales & Marketing for Optimized Payments.

Additionally, Optimized Payments plans to virtually attend GreenBiz22 and other similar events, as this will help them continue to refine their sustainability plan.

Optimized Payments is committed to their impact and will be making contributions from their profits towards sustainability initiatives.


About Optimized Payments

Optimized Payments helps enterprise merchants and payment facilitators streamline and optimize the cost of electronic payments through cutting-edge analytics, data services and tailored consulting. Merchants are empowered with tools to manage chargebacks and declines, generate near real-time reporting and analyses, and gain actionable insights that reduce costs and drive revenue-- all without any IT investment or resources. To date, the company has generated more than $400 million in savings for clients spanning many industries, including retail, ecommerce, grocery, insurance, telecom, and healthcare.


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