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Chargeback Gurus

Chargeback Recovery & Prevention Experts

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CBG helps clients protect and recover revenue by providing flexible, data-driven chargeback management solutions. By understanding our clients’ needs and fully aligning with their goals, we deliver tech-enabled solutions that help them reduce chargebacks and increase win rates to maximize...


Helping Businesses to Optimise Banking & Merchant Payments

Banking & Payments Analytics: Banking & Payments Data Analytics Advisory
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Intellect Global Transaction Banking

Global Transaction Banking Solution

Cash Flow Forecasting: Transform a chore taking hours into something beautifully simple taking minutes. Build a cash balance forecast based on categorized payables and receivables. Clever use of machine learning highlights likely upcoming payments adding to the data the bank already has plus corporate data. The...
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Paysign, Inc.

Your Complex Payment Problems. Solved.

Paysign® Incentive Solutions: To meet increasingly complex business challenges, incentive marketers need innovative ways of differentiating their products and organization. We’ll help you craft a rewards solution that: Drives desired actions and outcomes Is efficient and easy to implement and manage Ensures positive reward...
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Payments…Navigating, Educating, Strengthening. Over 40 years of Payment Professional experience. Payment strategists with experience as Acquirers, Merchants, Banks, and ISO’s. Learn who we are and what differentiates us. Professional Payment Consultants We have been in this industry for...

Optimized Analytics: Monitor KPIs Quickly get a pulse on KPIs such as effective cost, card sales, downgrade ratio, chargeback ratio, and more. Filter data for any parameter, including time period, MID, region, business unit, chain, brand, card type, etc. Be in the know on your payment health at any time. Optimize...
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Monit is an award-winning financial intelligence platform for leading financial institutions who want to provide business customers with embedded ‘digital CFO’ tools and enhanced analytics/targeting capabilities for bankers and marketing teams. The two-sided platform includes highly desirable...

Brightflow AI is an eCommerce financial intelligence platform enabling businesses to make data-backed decisions, take control of cash flow, and unlock more capital with forecasting and financing tools.

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