Optimized Payments Acquires Paul Larsen Consulting to Become Global Leader in Payment Analytics

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Atlanta, GA, January 4, 2022 -- Rapidly-growing FinTech, Optimized Payments (OP), has acquired Paul Larsen Consulting (PLC) in a strategic move that will position OP as the global leader in payment data services and analytics.

Paul Larsen Consulting has strong domain expertise in the rapidly evolving and complex subscription ecology and an established track record of providing innovative solutions for some of the world's largest brands to increase revenue, reduce costs and deliver the best-in-class customer experience.

"We see strong secular growth in the subscription economy and unique needs arising from recurring payments--from minimizing authorization declines to maximizing customer lifetime value," said Optimized Payments Founder and CEO Anand Goel. "Given PLC's exclusive focus on this segment combined with their PULSE analytics platform, we saw a natural strategic fit to integrate and expand our offerings."

With the rise of new digital payments and methods, the cost (e.g., declines, fraud, processing fees) and complexity of payments is also increasing. Moreover, companies are realizing they don’t have enough resources to manage all the back-office operations like chargeback management, reconciliation, and reporting for each payment method. Enterprise merchants and payment facilitators are seeking a single platform to consolidate and analyze their payments data from all their vendors to make informed decisions. Combining Optimized Payment’s SaaS analytics platform with PLC’s PULSE technology will make the combined organization a market leader in payment analytics.

"We found tremendous synergies with Paul Larsen Consulting from a passion to serving clients to helping customers maximize revenue and decrease costs through sophisticated and actionable payment analytics. We are thrilled to have Paul and his team along with a portfolio of world-class clients like AARP, NFL, NBA, Beachbody, and Shutterstock join Optimized,” said Goel.

"PLC has taken this step in confident belief that Optimized Payments will make a hefty contribution toward elevating our customers' success. We dug deep into each other's culture, disciplines, and toolbox, mutually concluding that we are aligned in purpose and complementary in expertise, with just the right amount of overlap to deliver added benefits to each other's clients. We are more committed and passionate than ever to earning, building, and keeping our customers' trust, and we eagerly look forward to deepening, strengthening, and broadening each customer relationship," said Paul Larsen, Founder and Managing Partner of Paul Larsen Consulting.

The entire PLC management team (Paul Larsen, John Sullivan, Melanie Stout Manuel, Sharon Gross), support staff and development team will be joining OP. “PLC has helped hundreds of merchants navigate the unique challenges of recurring payments for 18 years. The recent expansion and evolution of the payments landscape has created the perfect opportunity for PLC to join forces with Optimized Payments. We are excited to combine our decades of expertise and technology to offer the best-in-class payments analytics to the marketplace,” adds Melanie Stout Manuel, Head of Recurring Services.


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Optimized Payments helps enterprise merchants and payment facilitators streamline and optimize the cost of electronic payments through cutting-edge analytics, data services and tailored consulting. Merchants are empowered with tools to manage chargebacks and declines, generate near real-time reporting and analyses, and gain actionable insights that reduce costs and drive revenue-- all without any IT investment or resources. To date, the company has generated more than $400 million in savings for clients spanning many industries, including retail, ecommerce, grocery, insurance, telecom, and healthcare.


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