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About Payment Operations Group, LLC

Payments…Navigating, Educating, Strengthening.

Over 40 years of Payment Professional experience. Payment strategists with experience as Acquirers, Merchants, Banks, and ISO’s. Learn who we are and what differentiates us.

Professional Payment Consultants
We have been in this industry for decades and know many of the players. Let us bring our contacts to the table for your benefit. We partner with the best companies in the industry so that you can have the same high level of vendor availability that the largest merchants in the world currently enjoy. Big or small, we believe in the right to engage.

Forward Thinking
Wherever possible, user guides are provided for your future support. While it may be profitable to keep you in the dark, we would rather teach you how to maintain your improved position. We also make it a point to ask about your company’s culture to ensure what we produce for you, reflects your values, your people and your work style.

Problem Solvers
We provide you with information regarding upstream and downstream impacts to the changes you plan. If one area improves dramatically, and others are not well armed, you could experience growing pains. Instead of leaving you a piece of the puzzle, we learn your business and educate you on ours, so growth will continue your way.

Customer Support
When we finish, we leave you with specific numbers – Key Performance Indicators – which let you know when you’re doing well, need improvement or need to call us back because something’s up. Furthermore, if it’s better for your staff and the process, we will build you Quick Reference Guides to ensure continued support after we’ve left.

Products by Payment Operations Group, LLC

By Payment Operations Group, LLC

- Collecting goals from all impacted teams. - Identifying potential bidders. - Creating impartial scorecard for client and questionnaire for bidders. - Manage all bidding vendors through the process. - Receive and summarize responder’s data. - Document the selection process. - Negotiate the full... Read more »

By Payment Operations Group, LLC

- Identify all impacting vendors. - Consult with Accounting team to identify concerns. - Rebuild company’s reconciliation to reduce write-offs and unknowns. - Create SOX supporting reconciliation description. - Perform parallel reconciliation for a month. - Train staff on new reconciliation... Read more »

By Payment Operations Group, LLC

- Identify impacted areas and interview teams for goals. - Analyze chargebacks against industry and options. - Create responses and management program designed to reduce chargebacks. - Test chargeback responses. - Provide Engineering and Customer Service suggestions for support or prevention. -... Read more »

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