About HRS Pro

Navigating the intricate landscape of state-specific statutes for unclaimed property can be daunting. Enter HRS Pro, a software designed to simplify and standardize this process. HRS Pro ensures that businesses can generate unclaimed property reports that align with every jurisdiction’s requirements, offering an out-of-the-box solution that promotes consistency and ease of use.

Who Uses HRS Pro?

Diverse clients have relied on HRS Pro's superior reporting capabilities. These clients, spanning various industries and scales, have leveraged the software to fulfill their compliance needs efficiently. With HRS Pro, businesses benefit from a comprehensive tool that addresses the diverse requirements of every state, including Puerto Rico & District of Columbia.

Features of HRS Pro Enterprise:

Flexible Accessibility: Choose between a web-based or desktop application.
Comprehensive Reporting: Full capabilities in the NAUPA II format for all jurisdictions.
User-Friendly Tools: Access to a Getting Started Guide, FAQs, and How-to-Videos.
Document Generation: Produce Cover Sheets & Due Diligence Owner Letters seamlessly.
Data Management: Import using the HRS Pro template and export data to Excel or CSV.
Support: Dedicated phone and email support for all users.
Scalability: Catering to an unlimited number of companies (FEINs) and supporting multiple users.
Capacity: Allowance for unlimited properties per state report.
HRS Pro Enterprise is not just a software—it's your trusted partner for accurate and hassle-free unclaimed property reporting. Choose HRS Pro and experience confidence and precision in every report.

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