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About VGS

VGS is the world's leader in payment tokenization. Large banks, aspiring fintechs, and growing merchants embed our universal token vault into their technology stack to manage the complexities of payment data tokenization across processors and networks, open banking, card issuance, omnichannel loyalty, PCI compliance, payment orchestration, and more. We empower our clients and partners by tokenizing sensitive payment data, limiting compliance scope, and consolidating payments to unlock revenue and business opportunities.

VGS provides processor-agnostic tokenization solutions via secure universal token vaults, iframes, mobile SDKs, tokenization proxies, APIs, and data orchestration tooling to support payment acceptance, card issuance, PII and bank account tokenization, and other payments value-added services. Some of the use cases we enable include multi-processor network tokenization, account updater, payment orchestration, secure settlement file processing, 3DS, and Risk provider connectivity.

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Products by VGS


VGS Network Tokens use a tokenization API that replaces sensitive plaintext data with non-relational tokens, reducing your risk and liability while accelerating data security and privacy compliance frameworks like PCI DSS, GDPR, and more. As a market leader in data de-identification and... Read more »


VGS Account Updater automatically updates expired card information to avoid payment declines and offer a seamless payment experience. Lower Costs You can purchase Account Updater individually from each processor or just once from VGS as an add-on to the Vault and use it across all processors.... Read more »