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About Verifi, A Visa Solution

Founded in 2005, Verifi’s next-generation post-purchase solutions help merchants prevent and resolve transaction disputes, retain revenue, and improve the payment and dispute experience of your customers. We also help card-issuing banks reduce costs associated with unnecessary refunds and card reissuance. Verifi works with companies of all sizes and industries, delivering robust SaaS payment protection solutions that reduce the strain on operational resources and help maximize profits.

Our scalable solutions lead the payments industry in risk management for all major card brands, reducing the volume of disputes in the ecosystem and the damaging impact on merchants and issuers. Verifi’s innovative collaboration network enables sellers and issuers to provide an overall improved customer experience.

Products by Verifi, A Visa Solution

By Verifi, A Visa Solution

PREVENT Disputes: Order Insight

Order Insight® helps your customers recognize transactions and avoid disputes. Combat friendly fraud and defend your business against unnecessary disputes. Provide issuers and cardholders with detailed purchase information in real time to validate sales, enrich the customer experience, reduce... Read more »

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By Verifi, A Visa Solution

RESOLVE Disputes: CDRN and RDR

Stop disputes on your terms with​ CDRN® and RDR. Resolve pre-disputes before they become chargebacks to better manage​ your payment risk and reduce fees. Improve dispute ratios Resolving pre-disputes with a cardholder credit does not count against Visa’s dispute ratio – merchants with high... Read more »

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By Verifi, A Visa Solution


Verifi’s RECOVER Solution provides end-to-end Dispute Representment with global integration. It gives merchants the option to share compelling evidence with our dedicated team of specialists to represent disputes on your behalf. Flexible Integration Verifi supports multiple integrations to... Read more »

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The Power of CDRN and RDR

Posted 6/25/2024