About Chargeflow

Navigating the complexities of chargebacks and disputes can be a daunting endeavor, often leading to financial setbacks if not addressed expertly. Enter Chargeflow, a pioneer in the realm of chargeback management that harnesses the power of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With years of hands-on experience managing an extensive volume of chargebacks, Chargeflow has perfected the dispute cycle, presenting it at scale with unmatched efficiency.

Chargeflow's signature solution, ChargeResponse®, stands as a testament to their innovation. Touted as the world's first science-based Chargeback Response Template, ChargeResponse® not only boasts the highest win rate in the industry but significantly outperforms other management services and in-house teams. The seamless five-step process begins with real-time fetching of new disputes from your payment processors. Following this, the unique ChargeScore® calculates the potential success rate of the dispute, factoring in account history, evidence strength, and fraud analysis. An automated, optimized ChargeResponse® is then generated, pulling from an impressive array of over 50 data points. But Chargeflow's commitment to excellence doesn't stop there; each dispute response undergoes rigorous human verification, ensuring it's primed to recover funds. The end game? You win.

With a performance-driven model where they earn only when you do, Chargeflow's mission is unwavering: to escalate your win rate and adeptly resolve more disputes in your favor. Businesses can now breathe easy, knowing that chargeback management is in the expert hands of Chargeflow.

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