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About Chargehound

Chargehound is revolutionizing the way businesses handle chargebacks. Through its state-of-the-art Dispute Automation system, the platform securely retrieves data and evidence from your payment processor, eliminating the tedious process of manual data collection. As chargebacks roll in, Chargehound takes the reins, crafting and submitting comprehensive responses on your behalf. It's not just about automation; it's about smart automation. With user-friendly dashboards and real-time statistics, businesses can navigate their disputes effortlessly. The system also boasts extensive response templates that incorporate key evidence like shipping details and customer payment histories.

A testament to its efficiency, Chargehound has garnered the trust of industry giants like Kickstarter, TaskRabbit, Honest, and Patreon. These leading companies rely on Chargehound to streamline their chargeback processes and optimize their win rates. But, Chargehound doesn’t stop at automation. Recognizing the importance of a human touch, the platform includes manual review options and fraud scoring, ensuring that complex cases get the attention they deserve.

Perhaps the most enticing aspect for businesses is Chargehound's pricing model. With no fixed fees, they only profit when you do, driving them to incessantly boost your win rate. Integrating Chargehound is a breeze thanks to its secure API, ensuring you never miss a deadline or response. Navigate your disputes like a pro and focus on what you do best, while Chargehound handles the rest.

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