SEON Fraud Fighters

42 Rákóczi út
Budapest, Budapest 1072

About SEON Fraud Fighters

SEON has established itself as a trailblazer in chargeback prevention, adeptly navigating the distinct realms of prevention and resolution. Trusted by industry stalwarts like AirFrance, Barion, Mokka, and xCoins, SEON stands out as a premier solution that nips chargebacks in the bud, ensuring they don't materialize in the first place.

The power of SEON lies in its holistic approach to transaction and user behavior monitoring. Its data enrichment modules provide businesses with crucial insights into the legitimacy of their users, highlighting red flags such as fake email addresses, questionable phone numbers, or an absence of social media presence. This keen oversight extends to payments as well; with SEON, businesses can effortlessly flag dubious payments, accessing all the requisite data intelligence without imposing additional verification on the user. This smoothens the transactional journey, enabling businesses to invoke 3DS PSD2 exemptions and facilitate payments sans friction.

But it doesn't stop there. SEON empowers businesses with an unmatched control over transactions. The platform's robust risk scoring system is both versatile and intuitive, allowing for manual threshold settings and custom rule applications to instantly approve, reject, or review transactions. Adding another layer of protection, SEON's Bank Identification Number (BIN) checks ensure businesses are transacting with authentic cards, enabling them to sidestep the pitfalls of fraudulent purchases. With SEON, businesses gain an ally, transforming the transaction landscape to one of security and trust.

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