The Argent Firm


About The Argent Firm

Founded in 2011, The Argent Firm established its roots in Irvine, California, rapidly growing into a premier international consulting & advisory firm. Specializing in the intricate realm of unclaimed property, Argent excels in navigating escheatment, recovery claims, audits, and regulatory matters with unmatched expertise.

With a diverse workforce of 500, Argent's powerhouse includes experienced lawyers, former unclaimed property administrators, Licensed Private Investigators, Accredited Genealogists, Certified Public Accountants, and more. Their illustrious clientele comprises individuals, estates, corporations, financial institutions, mutual funds, and insurance companies, among others. These clients turn to Argent for its interdisciplinary approach, innovative partnerships, and world-class experience.

Key Milestones:

2011: West Coast headquarters established in Irvine, California.
2014: Introduction of 30 dynamic team members.
2015: Global expansions to Seoul, Korea; Barcelona, Spain; and Honolulu, Hawaii.

Services Spotlight:

Recovery Solutions: Administrative and judicial proceedings expertise for entitlement and asset release.
Communication: Strategies including Owner Location & Retention, Estate Research & Recovery.
Compliance: Mastery in managing intricacies of unclaimed property reporting, including SEC Rule 17Ad-17 Compliance.
Consulting: Comprehensive services, from Audit Assistance to Liability Mitigation Programs.

Ranked among the top 100 firms nationally, Argent’s reputation is built on over a decade of custom-tailored advisory services, aiming to mitigate risks and ensure legal compliance for clients. Whether you're confronting complex escheatment issues or seeking unparalleled advisory, The Argent Firm stands as the beacon of excellence.

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