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About Altus Group

Navigating the vast landscape of unclaimed property and maintaining compliance can be daunting. States annually escheat billions, coupled with fluctuating statutory requirements and the common corporate challenge of insufficient internal resources. Altus Group steps in as the beacon of expertise in this domain, boasting a professional team experienced in every industry, property type, and across all states. Their goal? To significantly diminish risks associated with penalties and interest, while also minimizing the threat of audits.

Why Choose Altus Group?

Audit Expertise: From audit assistance and defense to hands-on management of the DE SOS VDA Program, Altus Group has your back. Their consulting services extend to multi-state voluntary compliance assistance, diagnostic reviews, and the meticulous crafting of policies and procedures.

Save Time with Efficient Reporting: By outsourcing your unclaimed property reporting to Altus, you're ensuring smooth communication and timely reporting throughout the escheatment procedure. Their offerings encompass due diligence letter dispatch, creation of state reports, VDA preparation, and a unique online platform designed to enhance due diligence efficiency.

Maximized Recoveries: Altus Group transforms challenges into opportunities. With states establishing stringent entitlement proof criteria, Altus harnesses its resources to expedite and enhance the recovery process. Clients can instantly integrate these funds into their income, transforming accounting and tax departments into profit-making entities.

Dedicated to offering intuitive tools, their online platforms, such as the Altus Response Management System and Client Liability Insight Portal, are specifically engineered to optimize due diligence and manage compliance seamlessly. Moreover, while the world of unclaimed property compliance might appear intricate, Altus Group believes in keeping client relationships straightforward. Unlike many in the industry who offer one-size-fits-all solutions, Altus proudly stands out, delivering truly personalized unclaimed property services, where clients can decide their preferred service level.

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